I cAmE bAcK hErE nOt kNoWiNg wHqT tO eXPeCt... ThE tHiNgs IvE dOnE mAdE mE qUeStIon mY oWn pAtH aNd rOaD I hAd bEEn oN. BOtH sIdeS wErE fLaWeD, bOtH aRmIes gUiLty oF wAr cRiMes.. BuT I wAs nO sAiNt. I wAs gUiLty oF tErRiBle tHiNgs.. ANd I dEsErvEd a LoT oF wHaT I gOt iN tHe eNd

I didn't know what to expect here.

To come back to open arms... welcoming friends and a clean slate... no regrets, fears or anxieties... this is the greatest gift I have ever received here. And I will not forget it not disappoint you again.

Have I become perfect since my ban? No. I am still as flawed as mankind's own reflection on society.

But I am trying.

Temper is toned down, grades are satisfactory and morale is high. What you all have done for me lifts a cross off my shoulders I have carried far too long.

Thank you.. Thank you all. Just this once... in spite of every time I've failed you before this day... I will not let you down again.


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