HeLLo. As yOu aLl kNoW bY nOw, tHiS iS tHe cOmPOsEr.

I hAvE sOmEtHiNg I hAvE tO sAy. I wEnT oN a wIlD eDiTiNg sPrEe oN tUeSdAy aNd dEsErVeD wHaT I gOt fOr tHaT oFfEnSe aLoNe. I wEnT cRaZy aNd I wAs rEcKlESs. ThOuGh tHeRe wErE a fEw aCcUsAtIoNs tHaT wErE fAlSe, I aM gUilTy oF mOsT oF tHe aCcUsAtIoNs tHaT wErE pLaCeD bEfOrE mE. TuEsDaY wAs tHe fIrSt tImE I hAd vIoLaTed tHe pOiNts gAmE rUlE, bUt iT cAuSeD tHe aDmIn tEaM a lOt oF gRiEf.

I sInCeRlY aPoLoGiZE tO yOu aLL: fElLoW UseRs, aDmInS, aNd fRiEnDs oF bOtH gRoUpS. I wAs tRyInG a lOt hArDeR tO bE a bEtTer uSeR aNd eArN mY aDmiN rIghTs bAcK, bUt I tHrEw tHaT aWaY wHeN I wEnT oN aN eDiT sPrEe tWo dAyS aGo. I aM nOt gOiNg tO pLoT tO sAbAToGe tHe WiKi oR gEt rEvEnGe. I wILl tAkE mY pUnIsHmEnT WiThOuT a fIgHt.

I aPoLoGiZe tO tHe aDmIn tEaM, wHo I hAvE lEt dOwN. I'm sO sOrRy gUyS, eSpEcIALLy cIpHeR aNd fObAr

FobAr, I hAvE hUrT yOu tHe mOsT. YoU bElIvEd iN mE, tHiNkInG I wAs gOiNg tO bE a gOoD aDmIn. anD tHoUgHt i mAdE sOmE nOtaBlE cOnTrIbuTiOns, I hAvE lET yOu dOwN. NoT tO mEnTiOn tHaT I pUt yOu tHroUgh eXtrEmE sTrEss a fEw dAyS bEfOrE yOuR sUrGeRy. I wAs tAlKiNg tO sEeR tOdAy, aNd hE rEmInDeD mE tHaT I lEt yOu aNd cIpHEr dOwN tHe mOsT aS yOu tWo vOtEd fOr mE tO bEcOmE aN aDmIn. BuT aS mUcH aS I rEsPeCt cIpHeR, aNd kNoW hE sUpPoRtEd mE, iT iS yOu wHo hAd tHe mOsT fAiTh iN mE. AnD I lEt yOu dOwN. YoU tAkE a lOt oF sHiT hErE, aNd yOu hAvE eNoUgh sHiT gOiNg oN iN yOuR lIfE rIgHt nOw. I kNoW yOu dO. NoT tO mEnTiOn yOu aLlOwEd a pIecE oF sH*T LiKe mE nOt oNlY hAvE a MeRcy oF oNe yEaR, bUt kEeP tHiS aCcOuNt. If yOu bLoCk iT tOmMoRow, I wILl lEaVe wItHoUt a fIgHt. BeCaUse yOu hAvE dOnE mOrE tHaN eNoUgh fOr mE. I sEe yOu aS a fRiEnD, aNd I aM sO vErY sOrRy fOr wHaT I'vE dOnE.

I hAvE a sUrPrIsE fOr yOu wHeN yOu gEt bAcK fRoM sUrGeRy. ThIs aPoLoGy iS nOt eNoUgh. AnD eVeN tHoUgh nOtHiNg cAn wAsH aWaY wHaT I'Ve dOnE, iF iT eNds uP dOiNg sO mUcH aS a sMiLe oN yOuR fAcE tHeN I gUeSs tHaT'S aLl I cOuLd aSk fOr.

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