What does it truly mean when we say we'll wait forever? Surely flesh and bone decay, tIs merely an instant that we walk this eaRtH iN tHe woven fabric of time aNd tHe uNiVeRsE. FoReVer... aN etErNiTy... iS fAr bEyOnD oUr lIfEsPaN. Yet foR uS, us oF mErE flesh aNd bOnE, aN eternity means that we will wait until deAth.

WaiT. Why do we wait? WaItInG foR sOmEoNe is not essential to the human experience, in fAcT... In FaCT most move on and find another soul, a different one, to hold tightly and lay beside in the blip of exiStEnCe, in tHe meRe pAsSinG of one lonely trAveler throuGh a sMaLl sTraNd woven iNto tHe fabric of a sHort time. What we cAlL our lives... thaT blink oF aN eYe.

yet us few... US fAiThFuL bLeEdInG hEaRtS... we do mean it when we say it. We meet one soul... we gaze into their eyes and into our own, we find anOtHer so LiKe us aNd sO tRuLy InDeScrIbaBlE... SomEtHiNg tHaT some never find. We find hope... love. And it is IN that love that we see the beauty of life. We gaze into the eyes of one that we hoLd oH sO dEaR... BlEsSeD iN oUr pAtHs... And knowing we will never finD anOthEr like tHeM aGaIn.

And then something terrible comes to rip us apart. A destroyer... comes to blow it all up. Internal or external... mistakes we made or tHe hAtE oF aNoThEr. ThE wALL sPaNs fOr mIlES, rIsInG iNto tHe sKy aNd kEePinG uS worlds aPaRt.

Reason would say tO fInD aNoThEr... ReASoN wOulD sAy tO nOt dEsTrOy oNe's sElF bY placing hOpE in such unlikely odds that two paths may intertwine ever so tightly again... YeT wE sTaNd iN defiance, knowing ThaT tHe one love that is tRuE might be renewed against all odds. That the fire between two lOnElY souls may oNcE aGaiN bring them together. We lie in wait... holding to our hearts while waiting for the loVe oF our lives to oNCe aGaIn retuRn to us. WaItiNg for tHe lIght tO tEar doWn tHe wAlL.

And so a knight waits for her. He doesn't care about the odds, He doesn't care about his chances. If failure comes then he cannot say he ever threw it all away. He will stand proud and proclaim that he never gave up. He will say, truthfully, that he followed my heart. That he waited faithfully. Honorably. That the knight lay keeping the castle safe for a princess that never did return.

But if that princess does return... if he is to be so blessed... then he will hold oN tightly and will never let go of her again. And all tHaT waiting will be worth the reward of embracing an angel in his arms.

And there we will stay forever.

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