This is The Composer. I was gonna tell you guys my story... but it seems I can't do that now because my IP has been blocked and I'm having trouble getting on chat. This place was my home, and it seems I cannot be with the ones I care about here. I am Isolated, and I am aware that I could fight. i could make another account and perhaps slip under the radar. As much as I'd like to fight for the truth and reveal who I really am to you all, and aim for the happy ending, last time I did that I'm told people only got hurt. So it's better this way.

Artemi... I'm not giving up because I don't love you. I will always love you. You are my angel and I wish we could have had more time together. I just don't want to do any more damage than I already have done trying to expose truths that nobody cares about. And if people say fighting for Dawn to get her back ended up destroying her inside, I could never take the chance of that happening to you. So this is my goodbye. Thanks for the greatest week of my life... you made me feel so loved. I should have been fighting for you since when me and Dawn first broke up.

As for the lot of you who have crucified me and taken everything, This little piece is for you. What I should say here is that This is not your fault. That its okay and you couldn't have done anything to help . I should lie and say that I was the cause . But let's face it, we all know I didn't get here alone.

I've come to realize this is not a fight I can win. People believe what they want to believe. I never meant to cause anybody any pain... I certainly didn't want it to end like this. But even though there are more things I've learned about this whole cluster f*ck as it unravels further, I'm taking it to my grave because it seems that nobody cares for the truth. No matter what I do, no matter what I do or how much evidence I have, I will never win because people simply don't want to believe Dawn is a liar. I'm told I have ruined her life and her ability to love. The Drama ends here, because deep down I love this place. I'm just so weary of fighting this battle... I'm tired and I want to rest now. This place was my family, a safe haven... an asylum. But now it's turned into an asylum of a different kind. A popularity contest. I could try to win, but I'd only die tired because proof makes you a monster if it exposes the wrong person.

It's been fun guys... thanks for all the fun times we had. Thank you Fob for being here for me when I needed help, Thank you Confusion for your support, you were a great friend. Deadpool, man... You were my brother.

As for all those who cared and I leave behind, though you were not mentioned above, I will not be returning. Where I'm going there will be no sadness or pain, there will be no bitter gnashing of teeth or hatred... and we will all be equal human beings with the same chance and importance and humanity of the man or woman beside them. There will be no show, no huge event. i don't have anything left inside. Where I'm going there will be peace.

I love you all.




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