iT's fUnny hOw tHiNgs wOrK oUt... i iNveNted tHe dIctaToR aS mY aLtEr eGo, bUt wHaT's sAd iS tHaT i'M sLoWly bEcOmInG hIm. i'M lOsInG mY mInd.

i tHiNk I aM gOiNg tO LeAvE thIS wIkI, iT's cLeAr tHaT i dOn'T bElOnG hErE aMoNg yOu aLL. i'M sOrRy i fAiLeD. i'M sOrRy i'M a fReAk. and I'm sOrRy tHaT i lEt aLL oF yOU dOwN. i'M sOrRy i wOrK fOr tHaT tALL aBoMiNaTion aNd i'M sOrRy fOr pIsSiNg pEoPle oFf.

just dOn'T fOrGeT mE...



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