Welcome to my first blog

I never believed in paranormal stuff..

But everything changed 2 years Ago,Welcome to my story:

I used to be a normal gamer and blogger,i was interested about many things about supernatural things and also about Strange unknown creatures.

After everything i checked, i saw strange Faceless man in a suit.I started Making Blogs about him.

I was so interested i was not sleeping. I Observed everything about him Checked Billions of Pictures,

And Started making a Blog in Website Called (From now on this is gaming site)(please don not visit)
Новый точечный рисунок

Captured In website Blog part 5

I started making blog:

Who he was,what was interesting and scary about him.

After one year, later i started making a bigger blog.

Blog 1:

I Add everything about slenderman about his abilities,about forms and other,

I Got really Scared but i never believed in it.

Photo from blog

After Day I saw strange comments that people were scared and saw him,

It probably was joke for me. because i never believed in it.

Two hours later i checked my Blog

And i was shocked 1000 Viwes and 50 comments...

I checked every comment and Saw Something strange

Picture from blog 2

Unknown person Aka Gigi: 

Deadpoolall(My old username) Dear boy, you should stop And close Blog. Because i believe in everything i used to be a friend,

A old friend. 

I got interested bu i didn't reply.

Blog 2:

I was getting many views and strange comments

Somebody was thinking that was not real! More like me -_-

Old building

Somebody was faking it..Pathetic 

But Person Gigi was strange:

Gigi: First of all let me show you something. I am next to your house checking every blog and every info with you. i know who you are!

Me: Who are you? What do you want? And this is impossible. 

Blog 3:

I got strange PM:
Новый точечный рисунок (2)


From Unknown guy I think it was Gigi? But no:

Well greetings my little child, i see you have many informations about HIM If you are interested Call me (Xxxxxxx)

Me: *I called him on my phone*

Strange male voice: Hello? I see you are interested Visit address:(xxxxxx) There is old house...Check something you will get interested and take.

Me: First of all! i do not trust you...Who ever you are? And...Why are you doing this?

Strange male voice: *call ended*

I was scared to go alone...and i called my friend nika

Nika: Um hello?

Me: How are you dude it's me nix?

Nika: What do you want? I am fine you?

Me: I have something to show you..

I told everything:

Nika: okay i am coming but quik okay?

Me: Okay... 

Nika and me visited adress and saw something strange Burned Diary

Nika: Dude * He was holding and reading diary*

me: *I toke it* Dude it is mine...

Nika was confused.

And we walked away from this old house

Blog 4:

I started Making a new blog and got a pm

From him again

Strange male: Well i see you found Locker but where is key?

Me: I probably ignored him

I finished blog 


Started reading Diary

Korean diary

I have no idea who's diary it was. it was german living in korea

Working with some guy named huji gu..

I checked Calendar Some of days were Marked with operators symbol


Subject: 324

Name: Unknown

From: unknown

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Subject 324:

Having hallucinations, Illusions coming to reallity for him. Brain injury amnesia and also Concussions. Saying thing:

Ich habe mit Gott gesprochen



Translated:I have spoken with god



Black suit and tall 

I saw that other pages burned...I save diary

and get a call from Somebody:

Check will find it

I started getting scared talked about this.

I told my father everything,

He said to leave and quit everything 

I finished with BLOG 5

Blog 5:

I finished it and get pm from Person aka Gigi

You need to check building again you forgot something

Me: I answered with No....but i wanted to know more

Me: I ran to old building. and saw a note... The Schlankwald

Now i was thinking i am getting pranked by my friend but



This is part 1 my first blog thanks for reading

I swear a god it all happened

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