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  • THEObserver

    After everything i done. There is not escape from this 

    Maybe you do not believe me and everything 

    I Don't care

    I Will continue

    I Ran away with nika from this bulding, It was just something what i was afraid of. we Ran to my house and locked ourselves in room* Thinking what will happen next!

    What will happen to us!?

    Me: We need to get out of here!


    Nika: Don't you get it moron! We are about to solve a case!

    Me: (I Punched him and continued punching) (He also defend himself and continued fight)

    Me: CASE!? This is bullshit! I Don't want to DIE THERE YOU Son of a bitch!!

    Nika: You know what! this whole thing was a shit! You don't even think about it! 

    Me: Don't change position of your aggression OKAY! WE GO BACK AND RECORD EVERYTHING…

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  • THEObserver

    Slenderman's story

    December 2, 2013 by THEObserver

    (This story is not mine) The slenderman. That is my name. Der Rifter… Grosse man… All of those are my name.

    I am known for them, but there are a few things that the slenderman isn't known for…. and that… is my past. I can't really recall ever being physically born… I guess I wasn't. Of course not… I am not human. Not even close…. Not normal… People were afraid of me. They treated me differently and I got sick of it. I began hiding amongst the trees… they were the tallest things around. I began to notice how in humans, the children were much more innocent. When adults saw me… they would run or try to hurt me in defense… but children if they didn't scream or cry, they innocently came towards me… Though I do remember this one little girl… Sara…

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  • THEObserver

    I saw him.

    September 2, 2013 by THEObserver

    After blogs...

    I visited place again for photos...

    And I walked inside.I had strange feeling, I just looked behind me and saw nothing....

    Then I Passed out...

    I Saw terrible things...Somebody was in this old building...

    I woke up with screaming...

    I wanter to run outside but door was closed...I called Nika on my phone 

    He said that he will be at place in 20 mins...

    I Started walking from room to room and...

    Saw...Strange photos

    And I Heard Something...

    It was coming from Up

    I looked and saw a that it was open

    i Was scared to go inside...And continued checking rooms, After evetything i saw I heard nika and ran to door..

    Nika opened door with Terrible look.

    We ran away from building....

    I Was scared I Saw Operator symbol


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  • THEObserver

    My Story Part 2

    September 1, 2013 by THEObserver

    After Everything Happened...

    I Finally Found key. 

    It was The Schlankwald...Poem

    I Ran in my house, And checked Website again..

    And I Closed Blog?


    Becouse They started talking about religion and satanic things, it was distributing for me, So I left Website

    After Reading The Schlankwald, I had Strange Feeling.

    I Just Burned everything and throw away...

    My memories of it...


    After everything I keep having a strange nightmares...

    Sometimes hallucinations...I Had Brain injury-Concussions

    But I keep having them

    I  think they want something from me...

    It Is my is unfinished...

    It all happened 2 years ago...

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  • THEObserver

    My Story Part 1

    August 31, 2013 by THEObserver

    Welcome to my first blog

    I never believed in paranormal stuff..

    But everything changed 2 years Ago,Welcome to my story:

    I used to be a normal gamer and blogger,i was interested about many things about supernatural things and also about Strange unknown creatures.

    After everything i checked, i saw strange Faceless man in a suit.I started Making Blogs about him.

    I was so interested i was not sleeping. I Observed everything about him Checked Billions of Pictures,

    And Started making a Blog in Website Called (From now on this is gaming site)(please don not visit)

    I started making blog:

    Who he was,what was interesting and scary about him.

    After one year, later i started making a bigger blog.

    Blog 1:

    I Add everything about slenderman about his…

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