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  • SunnyCupcakes

    It occurred to me that I haven't written one of these on this account. ....Well Hello world how ya doin' ? Its four Am..... My phone startled me awake...... Again. Reason: Personal Idiocy. Lets not talk about that....

    So Slenderman known by many names (Stretch, tall one Martha, Mr. Suit) A tall creature who strikes fear into the hearts of many. Rumored to start of as one man scary story somewhere in the depths of the internet.... But with stories older than time. Its jump start was in the Slender games. When I first played Slender I realised two things. A) DO NOT PLAY IN THE DARK! B) there was an option that either said something like 'arg' or 'more slender' it had all the Args first one was Marble Hornets threw that in three days flat.…

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