Nothing to watch on TV but Christmas specials. (All of my drawings seem to be becoming more and more sinister, and i don't feel like putting up with that) All of the cameras in the house seem to be broken at the moment, so making youtube videos is out of the question (my piano, well keyboard actually, has been making a gross static-y noise ever since my annoying little brother got mad at me and started pounding on the keys, so thats out) The other little brother is stuck on the 360, so i cant do that (there have never been any good games for the wii) We could always play the ukulele, or guitar, or violin, or irish penny whistle, but i can't seem to find the motivation to learn any new songs. (singing is good up to a certain point, but then your throat starts to hurt.......and that sucks) Facebook is filled with people who have nothing better to do than tell people that they're not doing anything. (I got the rest of my holiday shopping done yesterday) Twitter and tumblr never really had anything going for them. (I could listen to creepy pasta, but i don't feel like having more night terrors than usual) Besides, you have trouble sleeping as it is, what with waking up at 3 in the morning  half the time. (true dat.) Anywho, moving on. We can't listen to much good music cause our speakers are making a quiet weird noise thingy. Anyway, our point being, there is literally nothing to do. At all. On the plus side though, I'm moving this January. The 5th to be exact. Can't wait. Till then though, i have nothing to do but wait till christmas. Then New years. Then the move.

sincerely yours,

StitchesProxy (talk) 02:06, December 24, 2012 (UTC)stitches (and jessica)

PS sorry this was of no interest to any of you. It was more for the pupose of keeping what's left of my sanity.

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