Hullo (hi everyone. Long time no see.) So it's been a while since my last blog post (cough OUR cough cough). WHATEVER. But yeah, i guess we're back after what i thought might have been the end of all this, but i guess thats the nature of the beast (You don't choose slender thug life. Slender thug life chooses you.) Really? (mhm.) you seem to be getting a great deal happier. (indeed i am. i wish the same could be said for you) Why do you have to bring this up now? wait till we're not blogging. (Maybe they-) NO JESS. (Jeeze ok. I'm sorry). Whatever. I'm just-ugh. (Seriously, I'm sorry) It's not your fault. It's my own damn fault. (stitch-) Could we maybe just change the subject? (sure. what do you want to talk about?) Hmmmm......happy stuff. (kitties, puppies, sugar, bunnies :D icecream, TEA, st-)  TEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (would you like me to make some?)  If you make tea, its the same as me making tea, and you know as well as i know that we dont feel like getting up. (But you do want tea?) Fine :p after the blog (YAY) WOOH. LIVING LIKE LARRY. (we haven't even seen that in years -_-) SHUSH OR WHILE YOU SLEEP I'LL HYPNOTISE YOU TO NOT EAT SUGAR TOMORROW ( No, plea- wait, if im asleep then your asleep you idiot.) Well there was that one time.... (Oh right) Yeah (son of a nutcracker -_-) Oh you can make a reference, but i can't? (ok ok ok ok. my bad) YEAH. YEAH IT IS. (ok YOU hush or i'll hypnotize you into not listening to marina and the dimonds) YOU MONSTER FRISBY! (really?) Yes. (ok). Welp, her mum is getting kinda mad, so we gotta go (its not my fault she birthed me ._. just so everyone knows) Yes yes. by the way, sorry everyone for the lack of structure today. its been crazy. also, if there's a lot of spelling and grammatic errors, its because we didnt have time to proof read. (Anywho bye ^-^ i'm gonna go read some sherlock holmes) Cant we just WATCH sherlock instead? (no. I want to read) Jerk (idiot) Ahh just like old times (Peace out girl scouts) BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE ♥

StitchesProxy (talk) 02:05, February 12, 2013 (UTC) ♥ and Jess♥

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