I like cupcakes yes i do! I like cupcakes! HOW BOUT YOU! yaaaaAAAAYYYYY CUPCAKES! CUPPY CAKES! basicly........i really want a cupcake. A lot. Or a lot of cupcakes. (you stupid, stupid girl.) Ugh, its YOU again. (trust me, im not too thrilled to be here either) Then why are you following me! (i am you) DUN DUN DUN! (no, not "DUN DUN DUN!", your just crazy) no, YOUR crazy. (well, we're the same person, so your kinda right for once) YAAAAY! (what did i do to deserve this?) Deserve what? WAIT! Deserve sounds like dessert. Cupcakes are desserts! YAY FOR CUPCAKES! (I'd love to judge you, but i wont for two reasons. 1 is that your me. 2 is that i actually want a cupcake, too) SEE!? NOBODY can resist cupcakes! Even boring people! (yeah, i guess your ri- wait, what?!) Yeah, if YOU like something thats fun, it HAS to be good. You dont like ANYTHING! (oh, how i wish i could kill you....) SEE? (grrr)

StitchesProxy 00:16, July 6, 2012 (UTC)Stitches (and stitches's logic)

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