WOOT WOOT! RAISE THE RIZZOOF! Stitches Is in the HIZZOUSE. (Oh, Lord, here we go again) HEY, can't i make a comeback without you coming to ruin my fun? Besides, you didn't say HI to everyone yet! (Fine. Hello there everyone. You might as well leave now. Nothing important can come of this blog) Oh, hush you (NEVEEEER) OOOOH, look at you using all caps. That's almost fun of you! I knew i'd rub off on you sooner or later. (Mother of god D: NOOOOOOO) AH, you did it again (Crap) AAAAANNNNYWHOOO.........i- (WEEEE) We've found that it's hard for many people read our blog.... (based on how many comments we have......two) We've found that the two people who have read our blog find it difficult to follow our set up. I'm Stitches[Proxy]. The person who talks in parenthesis- (THATS MEEEE) -Is my "logic" as i've been calling her. (Well my name is ac-) I was getting to that. SHEESH! Her...well i guess our....huh....ok you explain :P (MY name is Jessica. Me and stitches are, technically, the same person. Well, different people, but the same being. Stitches is the creepypasta slenderman obsessed side sorta thing. Even though she is a part of me, the blog itself is hers. This being the reason i talk in parenthisis. first of all to distinguish between the two of us, and two because it's her page. I just feel like contributing MY ACTUAL opinion.) Thanks (No prob, bob) Wait, who's bob? THERE'S MORE OF US?!?! (-_- no stitches. Unfortunatly, It's just us.) Hey, I dont need your sass (it's your sass too) SHUSH jeeze, this is why people like me more. (No THIS is why you don't actually exist) D: MY MOMMY SAYS IM REAL (MY mom doesn't even know you exist!) ._. i was just making a joke you jerk (well it wasn't funny) Oh yeah, well you're stupid (oh, nice comeback) You came up with it (-_- i hate it when your right) I Know ^_^ (i hate you) Well then you have low self esteem (Can we just end this train wreck already?) Fineeeeeeee. I hope this Cleared a bit up......or something. BYE BYE! (farewell) Nobody asked you to say bye (oh yeah? well i did it anyway) Jerk (idiot) BYEEEEE

Sincerely Yours, 

Stitches (and Jessica)

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