These imaginary characters are about to be found in many of the strangest areas of extraterrestrial combat in a far away galaxy.

Slender trigger beings - non-human extraterrestrial star-shooting aliens and martians fighting for interplanetary survival on Neptune, Saturn and Mars - are mystical, trigger-happy creatures who invade all three planets in the solar system.

Each trigger alien shoots stars within 500 trillion light years ahead. My mission is to stop other slender beings from going after their rival enemies.

Slender trigger martians also shoot a stream of invisible cosmic rays at the stars. These shooting stars grant wishes to human beings and serve as the chamber for a new generation of intergalatic life forms.

Carrying star-shooter weapons, slender trigger aliens can navigate several shooting stars - asteroids which impact the planet Earth a few light years away from the sun - withing the galaxies. Each extraterrestrial foe must breed and sneak up at countless cosmic intervals whenever Earth circle alongside the solar system.

Which makes for outer-space exploration, regardless of life form size or width.

More about The Slender Man is at .

Click here to debunk the cosmic "slender man" conspiracy at


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