Is there such a paranormal creature as the Slender Man?

The truth is out there - and Wikia knows there is no other fictional character better known as the Slender Man as Wikians discuss the power of supernatural connections between wiki creators and bloggers alike.

But to whom it may haunt each other?

Plenty. Plenty to be proud of.

However, a Slender Man's bizarre is another man's wonderful.

The proof is in the wiki, as I see it. Slender Nation is about to become a nation of wiki creators, as I am about to demolish those awesome foes with paranormal superstrength. No dout Slender Nation is about to grow - and the popularity of these fictitious supernatural creatures is prepared for the prowess that is the Slender Man.

What will lurk in the eyes of wiki publishers?

Who is attacking the enemy within supernatural reach

Is there a mysterious force beyond my imagination?

These are the questions still unanswered.

The Slender Men are secret creatures with superstrength - mysteriously haunting human beings of the night who attack one extraterrestrial being after another.

Beware of the Slender Man - he comes to attack you... at the surface of the universe!

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