• SmileBunnie

    We are idiots

    November 28, 2013 by SmileBunnie

    My cousin and I are such idiots we decided to summon Slender Man... We combied 3 rituals to summon him, after we did so deer in the forest started to flee from somthing, before a paper randomly moved... Now this is not my first experiance with this I've summoned him before. I am a wiccan so my mom get mad at me everytime I summon somthing. After the first time i did this with my friends kaylin and nate. weired things started happening to my mom she got nauseous frequently. My coisin and i are freaked out we saw a few strange things and cant tell what they are when we try to find out it just vaneshes...  im having a hard time breating and seeing haha...  my cousin is making fun of me mainly becuse i have really bad perinoia :P baiiiii

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