--Entry Six--

All of my nightmares take place with somothing that relates to grade two. My grade two teacher called me "Mentally Unstable", and that really hurt. Grade two was my year of problems and that's why I thought the nightmares took place in grade two. When I went to my old diarys, I grabbed grade two first. all of the pages were ripped out, minus two. What was on those two pages shocked me. They were from September 24 2007. I'll write whats on them here, with less typos. Please keep in mind that I was only in grade two, and the grammer is terrible. I also read through all of the other diarys. Nothing else about the tall man.

September 24 2012

Wow! something weird happened today! Me and M--------n were playing with our litte cars and I looked over at the trees and I saw a really tall man! He was wearing fancy clothes I think its called a suit. He was missing a face! Then I couldn't see him anymore. Later I was washing my hands and I looked out the window and there he was again! He was looking at me. I left the washroom and told M--------n. when we were outside I saw him by the trees again! I ran too him M--------n told me to look at his new drawing so I stopped and turned around. When I saw his drawing the tall man was gone. Then we had a spelling test and I was bored so I looked out the window and I saw the tall man on the playground! Then Mr.S------n yelled at me to pay attention to the test. Anyway I'll write tomorrow!

All names have been changed. That's it. That's all I ever wrote about the tall man Let me just make some quick clarafactions. Mr.S------n, my grade two teacher. M-------n, my best friend. The bathroom windows were a good 7 feet off the ground.  Last night, I saw something in my bedroom. -SlendyForever

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