aka Angela Negus

  • I live in Oh, Canada!
  • I was born on November 13
  • My occupation is BEING AWESOME!
  • I am Well, I'm a girl.
  • SlendyForever

    --Entry Six--

    All of my nightmares take place with somothing that relates to grade two. My grade two teacher called me "Mentally Unstable", and that really hurt. Grade two was my year of problems and that's why I thought the nightmares took place in grade two. When I went to my old diarys, I grabbed grade two first. all of the pages were ripped out, minus two. What was on those two pages shocked me. They were from September 24 2007. I'll write whats on them here, with less typos. Please keep in mind that I was only in grade two, and the grammer is terrible. I also read through all of the other diarys. Nothing else about the tall man.

    September 24 2012

    Wow! something weird happened today! Me and M--------n were playing with our litte cars and …

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  • SlendyForever

    Merry Christmas

    December 25, 2012 by SlendyForever

    --Entry Five--

    This is not an update yet, but I wanted to wish you guys a Merry Christmas!!! --Slendy Forever

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  • SlendyForever

    Go to sleep...

    December 24, 2012 by SlendyForever

    --Entry Four-- December 24 2012

    Has anyone else noticed changes in sleep, or things happening when you are sleeping. That sounded so dumb, you can't remember if something happened to you when you were alseep! What I mean is this, I fall alseep with my blankets snug, pillows comfy and ON the bed, my heads where my head belongs, and my feet are where my feet belong. I've always had the feeling of being watched, I always knew the forest outside my window was... different. I wake up, after a long night of nightmares. My pillows are accross the room, my blankets are drapped accross the TV. My head is where my feet belong. Every. Single. Morning. I must have seen him as a child, this is getting out of hand. I'm going to go through my old diarys, …

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  • SlendyForever

    Nightmares and Feelings

    December 24, 2012 by SlendyForever

    --Entry Three-- December 24 2012

    I had the same nightmare, over and over again last night. I was at my elementary school, we'll just call it L.C. I was in my grade two classroom. There was a connecting door between an empty classroom and the one I was in. Slenderman, along with all of the people who bully me, came though that door, And I woke up. I couldn't shake the feelings that I had that night. Something was watching me and I have a feeling it wasn't santa claus. I'll try to post more later. Until then, have a merry Christmas.--SlendyForever

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  • SlendyForever

    Research pays off

    December 23, 2012 by SlendyForever

    -- Entry Two -- December 23 2012

    Thats the link I went to. It was very useful, but, I feel like I can learn more. I some of the symptoms, but I don't know if I have enough to say that I've fallen ill. The symptoms are: Nosebleeds, fever, Exhaustion, Nausea, Strong cough, Vomiting, signs of radiation poisoning, Aches and pains, Trama of the eyes, Coughing up blood, Vomiting blood, Painful breathing,Difficulty in swallowing, Violent convulsions, Amnesia and Paranoia. I have no where near that many problems. These are the symptoms I have: Cough, Aches and pains, Tired, Paranoia and sometimes, Memory loss. Do I have the sickness?

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