I'm hidden, no one can see me, and that's just the way I like it.

The more I hide, the more I realize how I am different than people nowdays.

I blame this on being locked up all the time, though if I wasn't would I still be an outcast?

Not that I mind being outcasted honestly most normal people in society are jerks.

I am almost afraid to leave the house (my safe haven) and venture in to the world.

Not that I'd be on my own, my master would never let that happen, I still don't think he fully trusts me.

I hide within the shadows, watching and yet never approaching.

For if I approached who would they see, my innocent face, or the face of a killer.

I do not wish to be like everybody else, I just wish I was accepted.

Even though that may not happen, I understand now that their are people who will love me through my faults.

The end.

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