Why? I thought they were only stories. I thought......but I was not true. I always liked the Slenderman stories and thought they were cool. But I didnt know that he....or she....was real. And the world threw me a curveball. When I started to receive death notes, I assumed someone was stalking me, as in Slenderman theoretically. Little did I know, it was Slendergirl. I am running out of time. She's near!

Chapter 1

January 1, 2017

I woke up, yawning. I aighed, thinking about school.  I was good at school, but hell did I hate it. Except for my friend Calista, she is the only reason I go. Calista and I have had aawesome times together. But dont take that the wrong way, I dont LIKE her like her. As in lesbian like her. Not that I have anything against Lesbians. Anyway, memories flooded back to me from the.night before. We had a new year's party, and my grandparents came over. We had watched the new year ball drop in New York, and I played aome Strauss waltzes for my family on the piano. For aored 13 year old girl, this was pretty nice. My Grandma brought over a journal from her house and gave it to me. It was my mom's, but she never used it. Not wanting to disappoint her, I am uaing it now.Funny, there are 365 pages. Exactly a year. Later on, we wwnt to lunch at McDonald's because I had ro go to pianonleasons, and My Mom, and my brother and I didnt have much time. When I got bavk home, I was relieved. I had waited all day for this because wherever we are busy, I like my Kindle Fire HD. I go on the Web. So when I got home,  I checked My Wikihow account. I got one message from my friend, who switched accounts yet again as I have just been informed. She wwnt from being Emily to Melissa to Adelaide. There is nothing much left to say about oday, byt it was a regular day. I will wrap this up now. Ciao. 

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