Well here I am, just like he or she wants. What is the deal with the random capitalization some of you seem to like using in your sentences? Whatever, that isn't really my problem right now.

My problem is who wanted me here, I came just like they wanted but now what? I don't know. I don't like not knowing things. I guess I'll stay, the longer I'm here the higher my chances are of finding out who they are and what they want. Mr. Legs doesn't seem to know or isn't telling me, I don't like that either.

Before anybody whines or asks questions here you go.

Watched the video? Good. Now don't ask me about it, I know as much as you, if you are smart and can think things out then you probably know more and we should definitely talk some time. But back on the subject at hand, they have already broken in to my hosts house once, and I don't like that. Come to think of it I don't seem to like much, oh well, the less the better. I think. Whatever.

Whoever they are they got a bit of this website in the badly edited video and typed my name in. I have no idea why but guess what? They messed up, forgetting to crop the thing they left their username to be seen at the top of the video! Stupid or what? SurebreCehT. Keep an eye out for this one would you? Pretty please? Thank you.

I have no idea why I wrote this actually. Maybe it is a plea for help, maybe I am attention seeking. I have no idea why I'm still writing. Comedic perposes? Probably.

Thank you for reading I guess? Or not, whichever you prefer.

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