Skylord Elberich

aka King of narm

  • I live in a bungalow outside of Bradford
  • I was born on April 22
  • My occupation is Apprentice workshop technician
  • I am bored
  • Skylord Elberich

    Me: Hello again, Slenderman. In our last interview, you said something about "friends". May I enquire about them?

    Slenderman: Oh, yeah, sure! I'm sure they won't mind.

    Me: So, first, I'd like to talk about the one you call... lesava look... ah yes, "Jeff".

    Slenderman: Ah, Mr. Drewson! He's a barrel o' fun, 'im. Well... providing you classify fun as murder, that is. Met 'im during a trip to America to visit cousin Wendigo. I swear to my ex-boss, he's obsessed with sleep. Jeff, that is.

    Me: Could you give a physical description of him? (Although I could probably guess how he looks...)

    Slenderman: Well, He has very pale skin, long, black, unkempt hair, a glasgow smile, and wide, unblinking eyes without any irises.

    Me: Knew it. Now about this "Jane"…

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  • Skylord Elberich

    Me: I'm glad that you're letting us interview you, Mr... What did you say your name was?

    Slenderman: Balthazar Umbrus, but you can call me Slenderman.

    Me: Yes, well thank you for letting us interview you. I'll begin with when you were born...

    Slenderman: I wasn't born. I was created. By Him. *points upwards*

    Me: Him?

    Slenderman: Oh, you know. Elohim, Yaweh, Jehova, Allah... Whatever you call 'im.

    Me: Are you trying to tell me you are an angel?

    Slenderman: Fallen Angel, yes. I witnessed the creation of this planet, this entire universe.

    Me: So, how did you come to... fall?

    Slenderman: Same way as all the others, look, can we please move on? I don't like talking about that incident.

    Me: Of course. So, how did you escape the inferno?

    Slenderman: I'm not…

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  • Skylord Elberich

    I remember.

    July 28, 2013 by Skylord Elberich

    Do you remember?

    Do remember scars, created by a monster, which loves to hate, yet hates it all the while?

    Do you remember tearing flesh, destroyed by a faceless butcher that feels no remorse?

    Do you remember the nightmares, which were, in fact, alien memories from an emotionless beast?

    Do you remember blood, spilt by demons which crave the blood of the innocent and young?

    Do you see the hatred in his eyes?

    Can you not see through his elaborate lies?

    ...I can.

    I remember.

    Maybe a little too much.

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