I am 21 amd haunted by the last thing I saw before my parents left me. I was about 8 and I was playing in the yard. Then it appered. I was terrified and well I thought it was another one of my nightmares but he was real teleporting when I blinked... Lost in time after words I was placed in my aunts care who tought me the art of sword play.

Here you can read my tails of how I am surviving Slenderman.

Here is one entry from my day book. (like a jurnal but with no dates.)

Day 86 Saw James today he looked good even after seeing the Slenderman twice in a day. Well we took him to my place and asked what he was doing and where. He was walking on a hike with his work (A daycare) and he made them play a game while he kept a eye on it. He was about 6 miles in when this happend. He must have been near where I was on day 67. He blinked and it was gone so they had lunch and walked out. As they reached the car he saw it again it pointed at him and vanished. So much for a nice night.

And another from my date book.

Day 101 I saw him again. Today he talked to me, yes talked, and tryed to figure out how I hurt him last time. All he told me is that I have abilitys that most don't have. It was odd seeing him up close. He does have a face and has a family like us but they live in the "no mans land". I don't know what he means by this but I will know soon and he told me (X) is not safe to use brings more around. So I learned his sign (they all have a diffrent one) (#).

Yes I know its a number sign but I dont know how to show it any other way.

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