I am very confused. I dont remember anything from the past weeks. I just woke up in some kind of dungeon, that strangley has an outlit, which my laptop is charging in. The walls of the dungeon are badly vandalised with the "so-called" Operator symbol. I cannot figure out were I am, and my computers built in GPS system is going haywire. There is no door on the dungeon, but a window, barred, high above me on the brick wall. I have been here for two days, and every day at noon, a bowl of gruel is pushed in by a completly white hand attached to a very skinny arm. I have only seen the arm, and it appears to be wearing some kind of suit. The bowl of gruel doesn't just fall on my head though, the arm horribly contorts, gaining joints as well as length, and spreads down tward me. The sight is shocking as well as nausiating.

On another subject, it appears I have made some blog posts while I was unconcience. Those odd poems and that page I created about the springheeled one is very disconserting. I also apologize for all that I have posted on your talkpages and such.

There is one more thing I would like to cover. I have a confession to make. I was never really a lawyer. I was a resarcher for the SCP foundation. I was working on SCP-582. I see that you have dubbed it "bundle" That is very curious. I do not know where I am or what to do.

Tips would be appreciated.

Yours, Sanguinemacus

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