The Park was awful. After searching Rosswood park on this wiki, I now know the grave error I have made. I was wandering through the park, trying to find out why I have been drawn here. Everything was quiet. No sound. Not even the birds. It was unnatural.

All of a sudden, a creature burst out from behind a tree, screeching horribly. It was wearing a long ragged cloak and had a cone-shaped mask on its face. The thing was horridly dirty and smelled like wet dog. Its mask was made out of rags and was slick with blood. It pushed me to the ground and shoved its cone-face into my leg. A horrible searing pain convulsed through my body. The thing stopped, got up, looked at me while I was screaming, and smashed my computer.

It then promptly vanished.

I lay there in the woods, blacking out from time to time, for I dont know how long. By now I had realized I was losing blood fast. Before I for real blacked out, I was able to wrap up my leg with gauze that I had been smart enough to grab the gauze that I had been thoughtful enough to bring with me, and I banadged up my now lame leg.

This next part im not proud of I was able to limp on my leg using a stick I found in the forest, and stole another laptop. Dont judge me. Desperate times call for deperate mesures.

I am now in an abandonded house writhing in agony and trying to tell you by blogging. Now.

I want you all to please find out how to do emergency amputations. I feel I am blacking out again. Please help.

Dont let me down.

Yors, Sanguinemacus

Please help.

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