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He talked to me

Slender seer, this is important to you as well as me. Also neonrainbow too as we might be in a castle together.

The slender man spoke to me.

His voice sounded like thousands of voices together and he had almost a ryhming quality. Here is a description of our conversation.

Slenderman(s): Well, well, well, what have we here? A fighter? (howling sound) I'm really scared! So your the one everybodys talking about.(the sound of bells ringing)

Me(m): Where am I?! Whats going on?! Who are you?!

S: You're joking. You're joking! I can't belive my eyes! You're joking me, you gotta be, this can't be the right guy! (First evidence of rhyming)

M: WHATS GOING ON(screams)

That was it

I got no more response

He just vanished.

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