aka John Forge

Tormented in Darkness
  • I was born on December 21
  • My occupation is RUNNER
  • I am male


    April 14, 2013 by SOUL117EATER

    IVE seen slender and other strange things in five different locations:THE SANCTUARY      THE FOREST     RVHS       THE MORGUE     SMS.

    I plan to return to all these places to investigate.SLENDER IS ONLY THE BEGINING.

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    I am a PROXY and i do believe there is a way to beat him.I went into this abandoned morgue behind these apartments near my school.I thought someone was following me.I thought right.I was walking through the hallways of this place and then one of the big two sided doors closes behind me. there are small windows on the door.I see something black pass through the windows on the door.I start walking backwards trying not to take my eyes off the door.Then beside me a closed door opens and i look in but see only darkness looking right back at me.I shine my flash light in the doorway but it does'nt seem to light up anything its as if the the room was never ending.This does'nt disencourage me.I keep walking through the hallway and see an exit door.S…

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