For the past 3 weeks I have been ? waking up two to three times a night because each time I go to sleep Slenderman shows somewhere in my dreams and every time he tries to grab me is when I wake up. I honestly do not believe fully he is actually a physical entity but the way things are going with the lack of sleep my mind is already starting to play tricks on me while I am awake. The part that is most disturbing is that when this all first starting happening I did not know who he was and I started having nightmares of a facelesman stalking me and the dream I was in a huge mall parking lot and it was in the middle of the day and there were tons of cars? around but their were no people around. I started heading back to my car? I opened my door about to get in and I felt a hand grab my shoulder. I turned my head and there was a man that was bald and extremely pale and about 7 feet tall he did not have a face. I grabbed his hand and tried moving it away from my shoulder and he slammed me against the car an the daytime turned to night a I felt paralyzed and could not moved and he somehow yelled even though he did not have a mouth with a high pitched noise and that is when I woke up.

ths one is kinda crazy but i did want pople to see it
another one i had befor i even knew about him? when i went to? bed I did not know I was dreaming because in the dream I was in my same exact bedroom and everything was exactly the same as it was when I went to sleep.I just thought I was there laying waiting to fall asleep still. He just walked into the room. No tricks or anything he just walked right in. He then stretched his arms and legs and his tendrils came out of his backand he held me down on the bed and it really felt like he was physically holding me down and I was in fear for my life. A mouth started to form on his face with two giant fangs on the top and lower jaw and as he snapped I was able to push back once and I literally woke up while practically jumping out of my bed.

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