Hello everyone. I've become a fan of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. In an effort to make things more fun, I've decided to create soldiers in everyone's likeness. Each person will get one soldier only, and if that soldier dies, you don't get another one. For me to set up your soldier, answer the following questions:

Question 1

Would you rather be a Sniper, a Heavy, a Support, or an Assault?

  • Sniper: Able to hit distant targets with ease, and use a pistol as a secondary. Snipers suffer from a firing restriction, preventing them from moving and firing in the same turn. This firing restriction can be bypassed or removed upon reaching Corporal.
  • Heavy: Equipped with a machine gun and a rocket launcher, they provide the overall firepower of the squad. They have smaller movement distances then the other classes.
  • Support: Armed with an assault rifle and a pistol, these units are essentially medics, and are key to the squads victory. They also come with a smoke grenade, which can be used to provide allies with better defensive stats.
  • Assault: While they carry a pistol, these units can choose between having either an assault rifle or a shotgun as their primary weapon. These tend to be the scouts, as they are able to move greater distances than most other units.

Question 2

There are three types of powered armor you can wear: Ghost, Archangel, and Titan. Which do you want?

  • Ghost: gives the least amount of armor, but allows you to turn invisible for one turn up to four times. It also gives you a grappling hook, which allows you to reach very high areas.
  • Archangel: gives you the middle amount of health between the three. It gives you a jetpack, which uses one fuel unit for each turn in flight, you have 6 fuel units per mission. It does not grant you elevation bonus.
  • Titan: is heavy armor, giving you the most health. Grants you immunity to poison, and allows you to walk through fire. Hinders overall distance you can move.

Question 3

What color would you like your armor to be?

There are a wide variety of armor colors to choose from, but you can only pick one of them.

Question 4

What is the first and last name of your soldier?

Note that it does not have to be a real name, but I need something to put in the first and last name slots.

Unit List

The XCOM Project: Soldiers

On top of this, each soldier will be tested for psionic ability. Psions are devastating on the battlefield, and can do several things, one of which is take control of enemy units for three full turns. However, the chances of getting a psion is very low. If you would like, I can hold off on making your soldier until I find a soldier of the preferred class that is a psion. Keep in mind that this can take a while, and the others will advance in rank, where as you will not.

With all this said, feel free to come and talk to me about getting your soldier made, or you can answer the questions here in the comments. I will make posts for each soldier so you can see their stats and combat effectiveness. Let's look forward to an interesting game and strong soldiers. And remember, long live the XCOM Project.


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