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Responses January 27, 2012 User blog:Responses

I'm hoping that if I write this, it will help soothe my paranoia.

Lately I have been experiencing things that I can only describe as the Slender Man. I haven't slept for quite a while now, because when I do I dream of him. He's always there, but he doesn't seem to want to hurt me. Whenever I see him, it's in the middle of an ordinary dream. I'll dream of something like a field and all my friends, but then he's there watching me. It's like he already knows who I am, and I don't doubt that he does. I've seen him before too, in my front yard. He stands there and looks up at me, but at the same time he isn't looking at me. It feels like he's looking into me and I can't seem to look away. People around me are experiencing it too. Ever since I began to look deeper into cases and whatnot, things have escalated. I told my friends, but I shouldn't have, and I feel really bad. One of my friends keeps getting really sick and coughs a lot. This only started happening after I told her about him. In every one of my dreams, it feels like he's calling me, and I want to come. But I can't.

I'll update later,


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