After researching various subjects,such as The Slenderman,The Rake, and HABIT I have developed a strong sense of parinoia.I have not slept for more then three hours for the past two weeks. I see The Slender in my sleep, he plays games with my mind and i feel as if im drifting away from sanity. But i must not let that happen or i will be more vurnable to their attacks then ever. I have been researching for the past year and parinoia continues to get worse.



30 minutes of sleep                             

wide awake at 12

bad feeling

scared nervous



Have not done research since 3-25-13. Going to start back up today


Last night i was wide awake for 5 hours. Heard my closet door opening and closing making a bumping sound. It happend in intrevals of three.The coming of Death.My brother (he helps with research) saw a tall black figure standing at the foot of his bed. It stared at him for two hours and then dissapeared.Heard foot steps in the dining room. It walked back and forth. Forward slowly and then back quickly like it was called. Did this for 30 minutes.Im not sure what is happening. Perhaps my sanity is slipping away from me.

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