==The Hunter Is Becoming The Hunted == For the past few years, My friends and I have been meting for My friend Kai's legendary overnight camping trip for his Birthday Party. The party everyone talks about. The party everyone looks forward to and remembers. The party regularly consists of Myself, Kai, Nero, Harry, Froman Zakk and Luigi (although the guest list has seen some changes over the years. I'm the kind of guy that likes to be the planner of our little adventures and i try to keep everyone organized and safe. Kai, is the leader of the group and since he is the party host, usually the center of attention. Nero, our friend from school is the usual quiet type but he is a useful asset seeing as he is the only one with a video camera to capture what we are witnessing because god knows how many people reading this will think we are nuts. Next is Harry ho might as well be the chicken in the bunch. He is the type of person to do all of the research for us on the SlenderMan e.g. sightings and stories. but he does not go out with us because he is probably the strongest believer out of the group and he wants nothing to do with the actual hunt. Froman is our gamer and since the release of the SlenderMan game for pc, he has been more of a believer but unlike Harry, he still comes along just the same as always. And last is Luigi. He believes that if we find the SlenderMan that we will go trough some type of epiphany and sees him as some sort of holy figure. If this is true, I do not know... but one thing is for sure, we are all scared senseless. (But thats half the fun :D ) Anyways... The whole idea behind this party is not really in celebration of Kai's birthday, but a gathering of SlenderMan hunters in a quest to find him. If you didn’t already know, the SlenderMan is a (supposedly) mythical being and somewhat of a stalker. He lurks in the shadows and steals first peoples sanity... but then once they are a complete emotional and psychological mess, he moves in for the kill. His motive is unknown but he is said to harvest the organs of small children and teenagers for the freshness of the meat. After a night of partying, and when Kai's parents decide to go to bed, we are up and about preparing for our venture into the woods for the night. Over the many years, we have had a few strange occurrences but nothing really significant until about two years ago... That, was when we saw him for the first time. After a night of useless wandering we returned to the tent area around 4:30 just as the sun was showing light through the trees only to find a figure.... standing in the shadows at the edge of the light. At the end of the road there he was.... the SlenderMan. Nobody moved... you could hear a pin drop a mile away. The terror in the eyes of my amigos was hardly a secret but we were all frozen in place. as the myth goes, if you look away, thats when he moves in on you. He is also said to have telepathic powers and the ability to teleport at will. These thoughts in our heads only magnified our already tense fear. The sun peeked over the horizon the warm rays of light created a mist from the cold dew on the leaves and into this mist the SlenderMan faded away. He was gone but still no one Moves. The first of us to move was Kai. Running in the direction the creature was standing, Nero fumbling for the camera followed close behind. The rest of us too shocked to move. When we came to our senses, the rest of us moved off following them in case the SlenderMan was waiting for them. We found nothing.  The next few weeks there was nothing but the lurking feeling of dread, a constant feeling like there was always someone following... just out of sight. There has not been a sighting since but Myself and Nero have lingering symptoms of Slender Sickness with frequent nausea and a persistent cough. There is no explanation, no known sickness has lasting effects such as this. We have been suffering for months. As the next party date rolled around we started again feeling the sickness. This year Harry and Nero could not come. It was just Myself, Kai, Froman and the newcomer to the group Sam. We were venturing out after a 24 pack of coke and an Oreo ice cream cake. After 3 some ought hours we found ourselves heading back to the tent as we hear a rumbling throaty noise. We see our Man Kai start running towards the tent and we, wondering what the problem was, we turn around and all you see is piercing red eyes at the edge of the wood line. A hell hound was lurking. As it breaks out in a sprint to us... we may not have been safe had we been any further from the tent. we have not seen hide nor tail of the thing since that night but to this day i fear when we have to return for the next party meeting.

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