• Punkred6

    "You've been infected..." - Virus's main catchphrase

    Tony Lavone, or Virus, has blonde hair that goes to his shoulders. He wears a red T-shirt and jeans. He wears combat boots and a black scarf, to cover his shoulder, which is dislocated.

    He has freckles on his cheeks. 5 on each cheek.

    When he was still alive, his mother asked for his help moving a heavy box to the basement of his house. She dropped it on his arm and killed him. His spirit sought out revenge. He caught fire to his house and killed his mother. He repossessed his body and went out to kill other people, letting nothing get in his way.

    • He has a crush on Jane the Killer
    • He is left-handed

    After the fire, he escaped his house. He saw Jeff running loose, who almost killed him, but Slend…

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