Super quick, you don't know how fast I'm trying to be right now...

Me and Nina are just leaving, btw. Going somewhere safe. We've found out about Anne the User is apparently "STALKING" Nina. Thanks to the page about her... Those pages have stuff on them that I needed to know and it's lucky I saw them when I did, with help from a friend!!!

But it feels like someone else is trying to help me... Chloe had help from someone, and I think that same person knows about this and that we need help... The pages about the Eyenein, I think, were made by that person and I seriously hope I can find a way of contacting them...

Can't help but feel like I'm getting closer to something. I don't know what but it must be something... Now I feel like we're being watched all the time, I'm so paranoid about everything, I'm scared of everything. When I shot Anne she laughed before she went... That is always on my mind and I know she's coming back for Nina... for a fact.

So we're gone, for as long as it takes... Until it feels safe again. Also, if we don't actually make it, I am expecting the worst, I want to say thanks for everything... You know who you are.


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