Note 51.1 The unholy voices update.

Before I forget about them, which is impossible, I'm going to explain about the 44 messages on my answer phone on the 1st of June.

First I was feeling off in the morning so I ran a bath... Fell asleep in the bath for over an hour, then woke up and the house phone ringing. I checked the time without really thinking about anything and when I saw it was 11:11am I did feel a little bit weird. The phone stopped ringing and I was still laying in the bath when I began to ring again...

I was like should I bother or not? So I got out of the bath and the phone did the same thing... rang and rang, stopped and rang again. It took me ages to get to the phone and when I did, it stopped, like just as I was about to grab it. So I waited... and waited... It didn't ring again. That's when I saw 44 messages on the answer phone. 

At first it was pure screaming for the first 10 messages, the scream in total lasted for about 10 minutes without any breathing in and was in segments because the message time ran out, each time one ran out the next would continue the scream -____- I'll never forget that. 

After that horrific and traumatic experience it was silence for 30 messages, like nothing at all... I was waiting for another scream to happen I was so shook up just by that.

Then the last 4 messages were crackly and buzzy but I could here whispers and right at the end...

It whispered my name and "give my diary."

It has scarred me for life because I know what that was about now and without having to explain it in detail, since she was my best friend and this is the worst thing that could ever happen, all I will say is... The Eyenein did something awful to Chlo (TheKnowings) that day and I'm going to find out what, even if it is the last thing I do.


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