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    Moving on

    August 11, 2013 by Onedevidedbynone

    Last few days, well I don't want to talk about them just yet. I can't get over the fact that I've been turned into some kind of vampire thanks to my BEST FRIEND Nina. yeah... Thanks! Just what I always wanted. Well that's a lie. So now I'm dead anyway, and nothing that I do now will change that, so I'm moving on.

    It doesn't mean that I'm giving up. My blog is not about Slender Man. I'm still going to carry it on... But I need to think about things before I decide where to go next, since everything has changed now.

    here's the link to my other blog btw, if there is any interest at all.

    Game of Lives. A tribute to the Knowings

    Also, since going back to my other blog, I made a discovery that made me feel so sick... Chlo had another blog, like I hav…

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    Note 55

    Pages 8+9

    I'm not myself right now, not myself and I don't know what that means, I'm so tired that I have to go to bed at 13:34, been falling asleep all day... I've been too scared to go out with my eyes how they look, I can't see anything outside either it's all just white!!! Have spoken to Nina, we are going to talk tonight about what happened to her with Anne and what is happening to me.

    So before I fall asleep, here's another 2 pages of the Nameless Diary... Obviously something with the moon and sun... Ringing of alarm bells in my head about these pages. She knew something about the moon and the sun, maybe what it did to her, maybe how it changed her? Maybe... maybe I should read this diary properly. Meh...


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    Come what may

    August 4, 2013 by Onedevidedbynone

    Okay, so I didn't have the guts to shoot myself.

    Everything's changing I'm not sure what's happening to me... Every day, for like a second, I've been having hallucinations. I'll turn around and my friends will be covered in blood. I'll be looking out the window and I'll see blood all over it... They last for a split second and it's like I'm not sure if I really saw it or not, but it shocks me each time. 

    I'm hearing voices, they're saying my name like they are trying to get my attention and when I look there's no one there. I hear other people in my house, doors shutting and things being knocked around. The TV turns on and off when it likes now. Like there's a ghost, I don't feel alone anymore, it's the same feeling as when Arthur was in my …

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    End of blog

    July 18, 2013 by Onedevidedbynone

    As far as I know, Arthur is not Slender Man. He's worse, much worse, and I can only accept my own fate. Nina is dead. I'm next. My two options are... Wait for the Nameless to kill me. Thanks mate!

    or... I can aim at myself.

    End of blog.

    They win, we lose. Nothing more to say. She's never coming back and neither will I.

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    Super quick, you don't know how fast I'm trying to be right now...

    Me and Nina are just leaving, btw. Going somewhere safe. We've found out about Anne the User is apparently "STALKING" Nina. Thanks to the page about her... Those pages have stuff on them that I needed to know and it's lucky I saw them when I did, with help from a friend!!!

    But it feels like someone else is trying to help me... Chloe had help from someone, and I think that same person knows about this and that we need help... The pages about the Eyenein, I think, were made by that person and I seriously hope I can find a way of contacting them...

    Can't help but feel like I'm getting closer to something. I don't know what but it must be something... Now I feel like we're being w…

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