Everything is finally going really well :) living alone, in a caravan, on a farm. I still cant seem to fix the hot water system, or get good internet, but thats ok. Its been so cold the past few days! hats the only not fun bit. 

I'm surrounded by trees, gums, which are naturally black on the lower half, and white the rest of the way up, this has caused me a few scary moments at 2 am where i dont know where i am.....but no one is hiding amongst them. 

Its weird, thinking that most people dont know about the other world beings that reside amongst us. Im alone at the farm, no one knows what else is out there. Im the only one constantly on the lookout ofr anything unusual. That is hard. And that feeling, if i ever saw him again, no one would hear me scream, if infact i was able to. 

I still get the ringing, alot, but thats not a problem anymore, its just something that i deal with. I only notice it now when it gives me a migrane.

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