This is IAB. Back from the dead. I had to go, had to get away. I moved. Nope. Moved again, not let up. The new house is not so bad, its small, easy to get out of, easy to survey. Night time is worse. I cant sleep, and when i do i have the dreams. Running and not getting anywhere, someone screaming and nothing will block it out. Weeks, they feel like days. Or remember nothing, which is disconserning. My head is thumping and my eyes feel like lead, but are unable to close. When nothing goes right, give up. It got to that. Im fighting back. Sleepwalking is back too. Woke up with cuts on my legs, no recollection of how they got there. I dont care if no one reads this or even really cares, i just need to get it down, get it out.

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