• I live in Lost
  • My occupation is Broke
  • I am Female
  • OneMillionPiecesGone


    November 6, 2013 by OneMillionPiecesGone

    she is no longer a part of this world.

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  • OneMillionPiecesGone

    The good life

    August 21, 2013 by OneMillionPiecesGone

    Everything is finally going really well :) living alone, in a caravan, on a farm. I still cant seem to fix the hot water system, or get good internet, but thats ok. Its been so cold the past few days! hats the only not fun bit. 

    I'm surrounded by trees, gums, which are naturally black on the lower half, and white the rest of the way up, this has caused me a few scary moments at 2 am where i dont know where i am.....but no one is hiding amongst them. 

    Its weird, thinking that most people dont know about the other world beings that reside amongst us. Im alone at the farm, no one knows what else is out there. Im the only one constantly on the lookout ofr anything unusual. That is hard. And that feeling, if i ever saw him again, no one would hea…

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  • OneMillionPiecesGone

    I have scored myself an internship! For four days a week I will work on a farm, dawn till dusk manual labour, living alone in a caravan. Also, continuing my tafe, working at a vet.

    Sometime soon checking out an abandoned house a few streets away, it looks interesting. The front door has something written on it about tigers and he's coming for me. Shed appears to the the only thing open. Have to go when its darker as the area is right next to a road and quite busy.

    Actually been sleeping! yay! alot more then usual but will need it for the upcoming internship.

    And a little note for Sola Servus, nothing unusual, still get the ringing in my ears sometimes, more so lately. And sleeping more, but nothing else. Things are good.

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  • OneMillionPiecesGone

    Nothing extrodinary has happened these last few days. Thank god haha. Only found a few things from the blackouts. Just some pictures, one is now my avi, all were silly pictures like that so it couldnt have been too bad a time. I do have a fractured toe, from sleepwalking or something which is a bit odd and hurts like a bitch.

    I do remember going for a hike though. through some forest. I dont know what happened but I do have a few photos, nothing out of the ordinary that I can see in them though. 

    So thats it. Everything is ok, i'm keeping busy, keeping upbeat. Hopefully that was the last of the strangeness.

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  • OneMillionPiecesGone

    I had to leave my house, i am currently staying elsewhere. I woke up to my bed shaking, and the room unnaterally dark. Even the street light was off. Nothing else was moving or shaking and i saw a shadow in my room. Im trying not to panic. As im writing this even my vision is going in and out. It doesnt want me posting. Its hard to get on here. I know i was on before, months ago, on my other account, but i dont remember writing anything. All that time is blurred, and most of it is missing. Im not going home again. And try not to think about it at all. fingers crossed!

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