I'm so sorry I didn't mean to sorry sorry please no  s orry 

I swore.... I promisSed you!! that I would take ca Rre!! of him/..,

I failed!! if ailed !and i'm so verwy sorry id idn't mean to I never wanted thisto happwm 

I never! wanted him to dIE!

The GUilt hurTS!!!!! so much even now i ca n't i can t takr my heart is dyinh 

sorry! sssorrry i am sorry!!!!!! please don't hate sorrysorrysorrysorry

He suffered because of me i could ahve saved him but i was too stupid to realize sometihing was wrong intil it was far too late and i'm sososososososo sorry!!!!!!!!!

he sudfered so much he didn' t deserve!! to die like that!!!! allmyfaultsosorryforgivemeimsorry!!!!!!!!!

he was so cold the pictues in my brain wont turn off make ehtm stoopppp1@!!!

i cant sleep they follwoe mee they follwoealway sfollow

Don't look at me! like that!! stoppit stop stop stop no it's notokaY!!! bullSH IT you don't lbame me stopstop lyinf g!!!

pleqse yell!! at me!!!! be angry at me!E!! stop being sososoniice!! 

tTHEy all said iss my fault my!fau!T!!!! I CANT FIX IT HWODO I FIXIT MAKE THEM SHUT UP!!!!!!


SOrrysorrysory sorry sortysorrysotrrysottsoffttsorrysorsyyosryyosorryrsoryr no im finesee finefinefine the makes me all fine i'm okaY!SEE!!

cantfix ca nt fi x no fine evetyrhing fin ee 

sorry i'm sorry i'm so so sorry 

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