Several people--mostly via Twitter-- have brought to my attention a blog post I made a week ago. I apologize to those for whom I may have caused any amount of concern. I've been a little out of it for a while-- not sleeping well due to stress, and not eating much for the same reasons have started to affect me-- and that night I got kind of really intoxicated. At this point i'd like to put it out there that drugs and alcohol do really bad things for me-- to be specific, they put me in touch with my emotions on levels that I cannot handle. So, that said, at some point during my inebriation I must have gotten some kind of reminder of a certain event from a long time ago that brings forth a long of bad memories. Long story short, a little over a year ago, my friend's pet rabbit ended up passing away from overheating while in my care. While it may seem insignificant to some, it's something that I still feel a great deal of guilt over.

I'm not quite sure, however, what exactly drove me to make such an emotional blog post about it. I vaguely remember typing the post, but I have no recollection of actually posting it. In fact, I was almost certain that I deleted it. However, I'm choosing to leave it up.

But regardless, I hope that clears all that up for everyone who was curious. Sorry, again, if I made anyone worry.

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