Oliver Freed

aka Ollie

  • I live in Wherever I find myself
  • I was born on August 24
  • My occupation is During faire season, I scare small children and make grown men scream like little girls. I'm also a university student currently working part time at a sandwich shop.
  • I am I don't mind which gender I'm seen as.
  • Oliver Freed

    Several people--mostly via Twitter-- have brought to my attention a blog post I made a week ago. I apologize to those for whom I may have caused any amount of concern. I've been a little out of it for a while-- not sleeping well due to stress, and not eating much for the same reasons have started to affect me-- and that night I got kind of really intoxicated. At this point i'd like to put it out there that drugs and alcohol do really bad things for me-- to be specific, they put me in touch with my emotions on levels that I cannot handle. So, that said, at some point during my inebriation I must have gotten some kind of reminder of a certain event from a long time ago that brings forth a long of bad memories. Long story short, a little over…

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  • Oliver Freed


    July 18, 2014 by Oliver Freed

    I'm so sorry I didn't mean to sorry sorry please no  s orry 

    I swore.... I promisSed you!! that I would take ca Rre!! of him/..,

    I failed!! if ailed !and i'm so verwy sorry id idn't mean to I never wanted thisto happwm 

    I never! wanted him to dIE!

    The GUilt hurTS!!!!! so much even now i ca n't i can t takr my heart is dyinh 

    sorry! sssorrry i am sorry!!!!!! please don't hate sorrysorrysorrysorry

    He suffered because of me i could ahve saved him but i was too stupid to realize sometihing was wrong intil it was far too late and i'm sososososososo sorry!!!!!!!!!

    he sudfered so much he didn' t deserve!! to die like that!!!! allmyfaultsosorryforgivemeimsorry!!!!!!!!!

    he was so cold the pictues in my brain wont turn off make ehtm stoopppp1@!!!

    i cant slee…

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  • Oliver Freed

    You don't have to read the following, if you have no desire to do so. It is merely the anecdote of the events that led to the creation of this short comic.

    Last night an unknown person attempted to invade my home. This in itself was not a strange occurance--we live in a not-very-nice part of town--, and the dog scared them away before I had a chance to catch sight of them, so I ran into the living room only to be greeted by a wide-open front door. Since the perp ran off and was no where to be found, I didn't see the point in calling the poilce, so i just bolted both of the house's doors and retreated into my bedroom. 

    Because I wasn't sure if the perp would return, I decided to stay awake until the rest of the house woke up, just in case. 


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