This is sorta late coming but I've been through quite a rough time so this won't be very nice to read......I won't make it distasteful but what I'm going to say is just......pretty wrong, to say the very least.

BTW I'm Ninajitsu, Nina for short. or just Nina since that's my name.....I've been mentioned in my friends blog ((onedevidedbynone)) and I'm writing this entry because.....she can't.


This hasn't been easy for me, I can't get over that one of our best friends was abducted by some DEMONIC CULT but I can believe it now. I can believe because on June the 18th, only god knows what time it was, one of them came to kill me.......Something woke me up, so it was really late, and I thought for a second that I heard someone calling me.....which freaked me right out since I live on my own so I sat up and turned my bed side lamp on.....She was sitting at the end of my bed!!!! She was obviously some sort of demon or something because she had white horrible eyes and I was scared stiff, there was nothing I could do through feeling so scared!!!!

She dragged me out of bed and...... I have a big treasure chest in my room which can be locked, and she locked me in it. :( That's not all, then I think she got in my head because I could feel the box being pulled around...... pulled out side and dropped into a hole, because it hurt, then I heard sounded like I was being buried alive!!!!! I was locked in a chest for over a day, thinking I was underground and that I was going to die.....Nothing can prepare you for that. What really happened, I really don't know now because after all that time being locked in there..... I pushed the lid open like it was never locked in the first place, and I was still in my room and even in the same place like I hadn't moved from there at all......That was really sick.....and I don't know if someone let me out or what. Don't know what happened now.

Anyway we managed to work out who this girl was. I described her to Elisa and she knew who it was straight away.....Anne the user.

I've even chatted with her without knowing who she was once before, which makes me sick to my stomach. 


The other night ((20th I think, my heads a mess trying to remember things, it's not easy)) we set a spare of the moment trap for "Anne the user" which maybe half worked and half failed. I only know this though, because what actually happened was so quick and f***** up that it's all just a blur.....Elisa shot at her twice and hit with both shots, there was blood and she was definitely hurt.....I saw her being shot!!!! I saw her fall on to the floor, and it's like she.....this is f******* she melted through the floor into nothing!!!!! Like I said, insane.

We both stood there just looking at the floor for about half an hour......not even talking just kind of in shock.

Now we're expecting the worst, Elisa is really shaken up and I'm just as bad. We don't really know what to do except wait it out and try not to go crazy.....If none of this makes sense and if there is lots of mistakes, I'm really sorry, I haven't slept for a long time and I'm so shattered.



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