• Ninajitsu

    Woke up with a headache from hell and had to run to the bathroom, very ill and not good - looked out of the window and there's a girl in the garden........Yeh, it's Anne again and I don't think she's alone this time, and I think that's supposed to be.....Arthur? That's disgusting......Which is real bad since I'm here alone......It's nearly 4 a.m and my heart just wants to stop. My phone's not working and my Laptop was already on so........Feels like these could be my last words and If they are......

    Elisa I'm sorry. Chloe I'm sorry. Love you both. Love my family. Love everything. Ezzi......Don't do anything else, don't carry on her blog. Stop, stop for me......Please stop. I'm about to find the biggest knife I can and......I'll try

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  • Ninajitsu


    This is sorta late coming but I've been through quite a rough time so this won't be very nice to read......I won't make it distasteful but what I'm going to say is just......pretty wrong, to say the very least.

    BTW I'm Ninajitsu, Nina for short. or just Nina since that's my name.....I've been mentioned in my friends blog ((onedevidedbynone)) and I'm writing this entry because.....she can't.


    This hasn't been easy for me, I can't get over that one of our best friends was abducted by some DEMONIC CULT but I can believe it now. I can believe because on June the 18th, only god knows w…

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