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Okay so I needed to see it to beleive it.

This place.

This castle.

This shit is so weird and so creepy on so many MOTHERFUCKING LEVELS.

I was wandering around, TOTALLY NO LOST THOUGH. And I saw stairs. So I walked up them. Upstairs was way nice than downstairs. All the colors were brighter, trimmed with gold. I walked around upstairs for a while, until I heard a voice. A little girls voice. "Did daddy let you in?" She asked me IN THE CREEPIEST TONE EVER. What I saw was infact a little girl. She had blonde hair, with bangs over one eye. She wore a black dress and black hat. I noticed her shadow. IF WAS FUCKING MOVING. LIKE FIRE. I shot at her, and her shadow blocked it. FUCKING BLOCKED IT. I ran untill I found the stairs, and I then, until i found that room. and when I got back word was up on my computer.The document simply said "<X3"


This is Mike.

Sorry for being such a swearbird ifit bothers any of you.


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