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AdVeNtUrEs OuTsIdE

After so long, sitting in this room... I took a walk outside. Of the room. It was a bad idea... I slowly opened the door expecting to find something horrible on the other side. My room was white with no windows but when I stepped outside it looked like a castle. A dark and ominous castle. So quiet... As soon as i stepped into the hall i felt a knawing hunger... It was strange to be in a room for a long amount of time and not get hungry isn't it? I was searching for something to eat, being very careful not to make too much noise. I found the kitchen. It had bread and cheese. I eagerly grabbed as much as I could fit in my hands but when i turned around I saw a boy with a masquarade style mask... when i screeched he dissapeared around the corner. I ran back into my room. Can I even call it my room?

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