April 28

Hey my name is Mandy, i'm going to start keeping journal entries because a lot of really weird things have been happening in my life lately, that includes my best friend Cat or well my ex best friend I don't know how to start this off but, my best friend Cat she hasn't been acting like her usual self. She's actually been causing a lot of trouble and act very strangely. I guess this started happening one week after she met this guy named Jack. From what Cat has told me he sounds like a really great boyfriend.

Anyways Cat used to try to not cause any trouble in school and always loved being around her friends. But now she seems a little careless and anti-social.

Let's just start off by saying that she no longer sits with me at lunch and i'm her bestfriend. She sits with no one and tries to talk to no one and she always carries around this little black journal with symbols, which i'm guessing is her diary, and writes in it a lot. She doesn't let anyone read any pages. You can't even lay a finger on it without her yelling or hitting you.

So, the trouble Cat has been causing lately well three weeks ago Cat had been called to the principals office. For the rest of the day she wasn't in class. The next week she was in school at all. My classmates started questioning the teachers where she had gone and they told the class that she had been transfered to an alternative school or that she had been suspended because she brought a knife  to school. I wasn't very happy that the teachers had told the class her personal matters.

But this week for some reason Cat had all her stuff taken away i don't know why. But after a couple of minutes Cat seemed very anxious. Probably because they took away her diary too. Cat just stopped working on her work and began to breath heavily and she covered her face with her hands. I started hearing her saying "No no no no..." She tried to keep down so she wouldn't cause a scene. The class assistant then took her out of class. At the end of class we were about to switch to 4th period and i started hearing laughing. A psychotic kind of laugh. It started to sound like it was getting closer. The door had opened up to Cat laughing uncontrollably. What kind of person starts laughing after they seem to be freaking out?

In 4th period the principal came and took Cat out of the class. For the rest of the day she wasnt in class but she came the next day. Just her usual unnormal self.

May 1

Cat is no longer in my class now but she's still in school. I'm guessing she was transferred to a different class because of the kids that were always bullying her. Also because the principal was worried that they'd get hurt later on since Cat told me before how much she would've loved to stab them right in the eyes. I only didn't really pay attention to that because everyone always exaggerates about killing the people the hate. Anyways, Cat seems like her usual normal self now that she was put in a different class that has a lot of her friends. Though, I don't really know whats going on in her life anymore since we're not friends anymore.

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