At 11:11 today, tha Nameless appeared on chat and she said she's going to kill me.  That was fine, it's not the first time I've heard that I'm going to die.  But then I sent her a PM and nothing but silence.  She was still there just not answering, that's what I thought..  When I asked if she was still there,  they said she was gone,  but the thing is,  she was still there.

Not long after they said she'd gone.  I got a PM from the Nameless (TheKnowings) Something very troubling for me.  Now it won't leave my head.  I now need time to think, time alone and away from the i9, and as far away as I can from the Nameless. I'm truely terrified.  I never wanted to admit that but come on..  

If she says his name anywhere near me,  he'll see what I have done.  What we have done.  He ignores us for a reason!  We are nothing to him, not anymore.  

Red. Running down my face from my eyes it goes everywhere and makes me look dead.  It doesn't stop.. 

the Nameless will make it stop.

unhappy rose x

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