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    May 23, 2013 by Mysterious Rose

    At 11:11 today, tha Nameless appeared on chat and she said she's going to kill me.  That was fine, it's not the first time I've heard that I'm going to die.  But then I sent her a PM and nothing but silence.  She was still there just not answering, that's what I thought..  When I asked if she was still there,  they said she was gone,  but the thing is,  she was still there.

    Not long after they said she'd gone.  I got a PM from the Nameless (TheKnowings) Something very troubling for me.  Now it won't leave my head.  I now need time to think, time alone and away from the i9, and as far away as I can from the Nameless. I'm truely terrified.  I never wanted to admit that but come on..  

    If she says his name anywhere near me,  he'll see what I ha…

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  • Mysterious Rose

    Rse i9  

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