(Emotional theology of watching one of the ones i care for)

I observed him watching his yearning for affection.

Yet his mind becomes convuluted and irritation is much stronger.

While the agitation burdening him, causing him to blame himself for his anger.

When his mind starts to confuse him and blacken out the light, its not a force of his own just an unnatural neurological interference.

He holds it in the back of his subconcious and it slowly creeps like a theft in the night, taking his joy away.

I listen and watch him concerned of 'what will happen next?' Or 'what will he do?'

The depression has been sinking in its unforgiving claws into his back.

I steady him, healing his wounds with all the love i can give.

I am trying to keep a positive outlook on this.

When he mentions how he 'hates his life', i become noticable that what dark force is about him seems to be oppressing him.

Perhaps if he sees the light, his look out may change.

I look as positive as i can and comfort him to the best of my ability because i will NEVER GIVE UP ON HIM.

i notice life is much harder for for others and sometimes more simpler for others.

Life happens differently for many people.

We all must "bare our cross" but its worth the walk through our journey we call 'Life'.

Note: more theology of mine may be expressed.

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