Dear mommy and daddy, you may find this amazing but i think im over baringly powerful. You saw me the

other day i love you daddy. Mommy im still confused alot right now. I see the

way and how things happen. Dont get upset im running away to see how i can get

stronger and how i can d on my own. Please dont worry ...but of course you are

but please dont i may be quite small but i have the power of one legion! Oh and

brother if you read this. Stay strong and carry on with mom and pop okay? I love

you too little bro. Just promise me you will train? Surely you will gain the

wings you were hoping for. I have the power to stun any fear so it seems. They

may fight back and protest but over all they will see. Oh and Composer no

offence you are one of those fears that dont really lets just say induce fear

just to be annoying you use it when needed. Oh and any others just keep calm and

carry on strong. Please?

Love, Little Luna

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